Announcing the new Lobbly Virtual Phone Assistant

Author Gordon Smith By Gordon Smith · September 28, 2021

First, we would like to offer a huge thanks to everyone who joined Lobbly during its first year in operation. We launched in March of 2020 when the pandemic lockdowns started to hit local businesses and heard great feedback as Lobbly helped your companies and customers through a challenging year.

Feedback from our Customers

Early on, we started to receive requests to extend the system to help with additional tasks. We’ve been hard at work doing just that with helpful input from our beta users. It has been a fun adventure, and we still have more to do, but I’d like to share what we have been working on, what we are releasing today, and what will be coming over the next few months.

Lobbly Service Changes

Lobbly initially focused on providing curbside check-ins to your business. With our latest updates, Lobbly is changing from a curbside check-in service into an AI Virtual Phone Assistant that can answer all of your incoming calls and texts.

One of our biggest customer concerns was the need to juggle two telephone numbers, one for your main business line and another for Lobbly. With the latest version of Lobbly, your business can start using your Virtual Phone Assistant as a primary incoming business number or forward your existing business number to Lobbly to handle calls when you are unavailable.

To achieve this, we’ve expanded Lobbly’s capabilities. The new functionality rolling out today and over the next few months includes:

Live Features

  • Voice and Text Messaging Answering
  • Curbside Check-in
  • Appointment Requests
  • Conversation Transcripts
  • Intelligent Hours of Operation
  • Business Address Listing (including text message with map pin)
  • Call Ring-Through

Features Coming Soon

  • Callback Requests
  • Spam Call Detection and Blocking
  • Customer Recognition and Activity Tracking

We are excited for you to try these new features and see how they can benefit your business!

Pricing Plan Changes

With check-ins no longer being the only task that your Lobbly number can manage, we’ve adjusted our pricing to work with all of our great new features. For our new AI Phone Assistant service, we have switched to a tiered set of plans, each with a specific number of minutes and text messages included. Visit our pricing page to check out these new plan offerings.

Next Steps

Today, we have rolled out the new Lobbly, with a handful of items still to come. We will follow up on how each of these new features works and helps your business in the coming weeks.

If you have questions or concerns at any time, please reach out as we are here to help!