The AI Phone Assistant
for Your Business

Provide great customer service and reduce missed calls, even when you are busy working with clients.

Lobbly Dashboard Screenshot with Mobile Phone

How Lobbly Works

Lobbly provides an AI phone assistant which can answer your customer calls and text messages 24/7. This allows you to focus on your current customers, while providing a helpful experience to those reaching out for more information.



Pick a local phone number and customize the assistant to your business.


Post the Number

Update contact information so your customers start using your new phone number.


Run Your Business

Relax and focus on the customer in front of you, knowing your assistant is managing your calls.


Open the Dashboard

Open the dashboard to check if you have any customers who need additional assistance.

Why you need a phone assistant

Most small businesses have limited staff to service customers. Not only is dedicating someone to answer phones costly, but constantly interrupting the service of your in-store customers is inefficient, and missing customer calls is costing you business.

How much business are you losing from missed phone calls?

Phone calls that go unanswered to small businesses
Customers whose calls are not answered who will not call back
Callers who hang up immediately when placed on hold

Helping your Business Succeed

Your staff are professionals at their job. Allow them to do what they do best. We can help by taking your ringing phones off their plates.

Answer Calls and Texts

Provide automated conversations with customers in their preferred way.

Block Spam Calls

Stop wasting time on spam calls; let your assistant detect and thwart them.

Curbside Check-in

Increase social distancing at your location with easy customer self check-in.

Call Ring-Through

Provide a personalized touch when you are free to answer customer calls. Too swamped? Your assistant is on duty.

Appointment Requests

Gather appointment requests while you work. Confirm appointments when you have time.

Conversation Transcripts

View your conversation log to see exactly what customers are asking.

Ready to get started?

We have a generous free trial available to get you started right away.